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“Come through into here!” She instructed as she led me into her living room!
Sitting down on a armchair she pointed to the floor in front of it which I quickly filled whilst she picked up the TV remote and began flicking through the channels!
She lifted up one of her flip-flop clad feet to my face!
I went with it and began slowly kissing her cute painted toes one by one which earned the response of her sighing whilst slowly and sexily flexing them!
Reclining back in the chair my new mistress then opened her dressing gown before dr****g her legs over the arm rests!
The sight that was in front of me was mind-blowing and by the smirk on her face she knew just how smitten I was with her sexy naked body!
Pointing towards her pussy she sternly said “Smell it now!!!”
I placed my face as close as I dared against her hairy pussy and breathed in her strong womanly scent!
“Does my little slave like the smell of his mistress?” She purred
I could on manage a very croaky “yes” as my cock was now so hard it hurt being encased in the front of my jeans!
After a while she put her hands behind her knees and pulling them back teasingly slow she revealed her spread wispy-haired arse-crack with her tight pinky-brown pouting anus in the middle!
Straight away I began to smell her incredible looking arse!
“That's it my nasty little pervert! Smell your mistress's bumhole” she gasped as I watched her now very wet pussy begin to leak down over hairy little bunghole!
She clearly was getting off on this just as much as I was as she watched me with a glazed look on her face!
“Lay on the floor you dirty little bastard!” Mistress commanded as I awkwardly tried to position myself with my hands cuffed together!
Standing up she took off her dressing gown and revealed her shapely figure!
“Does mistress have a nice body for a 55 year old woman?” She queried as she began run her hands slowly over her own body as I looked up in awe!
Now just wearing flip-flops she stood astride my face and squatted her beautiful arse over my face as I continued breathing in her nasty sexy scent!
Reach back underneath her she began to slowly play with the wet hairy haven that was merely inches from my face which made some delicious noises where she was so wet!
Showing me her pussy juice coated fingers she asked “does my naughty little pussy-sniffer want to taste his mistress?”
“Yes please my beautiful mistress! You smell so incredibly delicious that I so badly want to taste you” I pleaded as I turned my head and began kissing the arch of her foot!
“My dirty little slave so eager to please his mistress” she purred as she stepped one foot out of her flip-flop and rested the warm sole of her foot on my face!
“You've yet to prove to me your worthy of tasting his mistress so I'll just keep as my sniffing slave for now” she said as I feverishly kissed the sole of her beautiful foot!
Returning to her squatting position she swayed her beautiful pussy and ass seductively barely a couple of inches above my face before standing up!
“Nasty-nasty slave! Loving every second of this! I want to hear my dirty little perv beg his mistress for more!” Amateurity – Busty.
She boarded at the same station and although there was plenty of room on the empty carriage she opted to sit opposite me!
She sat there crossed legged dangling her shoe from her sexy foot whilst reading a book!
Although I tried to concentrate on playing with my phone I just couldn't help but gaze at her lusciously sexy legs!
My eyes met hers and she smiled wryly knowing I was watching her she uncrossed her legs and slowly began to pull up her 'plain-jane' summer dress!
“It's been so hot and sticky today don't you think” she said as I watch her slow spread her legs to reveal one horny sight!
Her pussy was a mass of strawberry blonde fur with a pair of red pussy lips in the centre which I couldn't tear my gaze away from!

She eventually closed her legs and pulled her dress back down and noticing the growing bulge in my trousers she grinned wickedly at me!
“Like what you see?” She purred
I could only respond by nodding sheepishly!
She again pulled her dress up and spread her legs!
“Get you face down there and smell me now! Don't touch just smell” she commanded quietly but sternly!
Without hesitation I got on my knees and quickly brought my face as close to her furry wet pussy as I dared!
Instantly I could feel the body heat from her as the smell of her hot sticky pussy filled my nostrils!
“Does that smell good?” She asked as she reached down and slowly spread her pussy lips open revealing a creamy wet red centre!
Again I just nodded dumbly and continued to inhale her sexy scent!
“What would you do just to eat my stinky pussy eh?” She further questioned as she began to stroke my head!
“Whatever you want!” I replied weakly
Pushing my head away she pulled down her dress once more and from her bag she got out a pen and scribbled something on a piece of paper before handing it to me!
“I want you there tomorrow night without fail! I need to see if your worthy enough to service my needs!” She said before prepping herself to leave!

As we drew into the station she handed me the slip of paper before getting up and walking to the door!
“Seven o'clock sharp or not at all” she called out as she got off leaving me blown away by what had just happened and eagerly anticipating what will would happen the next night!

The following evening I travelled the several miles from where I lived to the address the woman on the train had given me!
I approached the door with a mix of nervousness and excitement and checked my watch to see if I was on time!
The door was answered by the wonderfully sexy woman I had met on the train the previous evening!
“You early! Which means your eager! I like that!” She said as she casually looked me up and down!
I noticed she was wearing a pink bath robe and flip-flops as she opened the door wider to let me in!
After closing the door she announced “I'm Mistress Webb! You will only address me as mistress got that?”
I nodded mutely as she responded by pointing her finger at the floor in front of her!
I quickly knelt in front of her as she grabbed my mouth, brought her face to mine and sternly hissed “let's see if you good enough to be my little slave toy! Which means you will serve me when, where and how I want”

Returning back to her normal composure she then pulled a set of handcuffs from her gown pocket!
“Come on let's get these on you! Once you've proved to me you can control yourself then we'll take them off” she said as cuffed my wrists together
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She is dimly aware of a scream ” OMG, Her eyes flew open and her legs widened wrapping around me as the full weight of my body presses down into her as she rose to meet me https://xxvideos.biz/774/.

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As Paul headed off dejectedly to the lawn, I went inside and bounded up the wide flight of stairs, Click here. I could hardly keep my eyes off my alluring young cousin but for once she was playing it cool, returned glances kept to a minimum

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