Best swallow 2 – Melhores gozadas na boca (8 min)


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Best swallow 2 - Melhores gozadas na boca (8 min) 1

Hotfuck Best swallow 2 – Melhores gozadas na boca (8 min)

e, Carter, just the usual,” she replied brightly! As she dropped the rubber banded cluster of mail on his desk, he couldn't help wondering if this little nymph had a shaved pussy!!! “I trim it, so my bush doesn't show when I wear a swim suit,” she offered, before turning heal and leaving him sitting there in stunned silence!!! “W-what the hell is going on here,” he said softly, “first the blonde on the elevator, and now Jill!?!” As she leaned back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his head, he felt the small stone press into his flesh under his shirt and thought, “It can't be, it's just a old piece of rock!!!” Still, his curiosity was piqued, so he decided to make a little test! He pressed the button on his intercom and spoke, “Jean, can you please bring in the charts for last Thursday please!?!” Moments later, his secretary executive assistant appeared at the door with the requested documents and said, “Gott'em right here boss!!!” As she walked towards him with the charts, he concentrated and thought, “When is the last time you got fucked, Jean!?!” She handed him the charts and said easily, “Last night,” and then calmly as you please left his office and returned to her desk!!! “Holy smokes,” he said, it works, it really works!!!”

Drew now realized that he could get people to reveal things to him, but the real question was whether he could get someone to actually do his bidding!!! Taking a walk to the coffee room, he passed the office of another junior exec, Blair Owens, who the other j

Best swallow 2 - Melhores gozadas na boca (8 min) 2

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Duration: 8 minCountry: Brazil