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Steve was at home on a Saturday relaxing after a long week at work, he was finally slipping into a nice sleep when a piercing ring sounded in his ears, he was jerked out of his sleep by his wife calling him, “hi Janice what’s up” he said as he picked up the phone “Steve I forgot to take a box of baby stuff over to Elizabeth seeing since she is pregnant and we don’t need them anymore, do you mind taking them over”, “sure thing honey no problem” , “ thank you Steve and maybe when you get home you can take your big dick and let me thank you”, feeling his dick rising in his pants “ looking forward to it honey” Steve hung up slightly disappointed by the fact that his stress free day had gone to shit, he went to the kitchen and picked up the box and set out towards Elizabeth’s house, who lived across the road, he rang the doorbell and waited outside for about two minutes, the door was finally opened by a pregnant Elizabeth who was hurriedly buttoning up a shirt, “Sorry Steve I was about to breast pump, I had to find a shirt”, “it’s no problem Elizabeth, I don’t have to be anywhere, Janice took the kids out for the day” said Steve who was just happy to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth’s surprisingly prominent cleavage catching a glimpse of her big pink puffy nipples the he forgot completely about the box in his hands and dropped the box “oh god sorry Elizabeth” he bent down to pick up the box when he looked up he caught a glimpse up Elizabeth’s skirt and saw she wasn’t wearing panties he froze staring at her bald tight pussy, Elizabeth could not see his face because of her stomach “you okay Steve ?” “yeah I’m fine Elizabeth I just brought some stuff over that Janice said would help with your pregnancy”, “Oh god Steve you’re a lifesaver, I needed some of the stuff she sent me, come in I I’ll show you where to put it” as Steve walked in he couldn’t help noticing that Elizabeth was looking fucking sexy with her short skirt and white blouse with her baby bump beginning to really show, “how far along are you?”, “oh, 3 months, been tough especially with Jim being gone a lot on Business trips, you can just put the box in the living room” Group Sex Anahita7777.
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The next night daddy and Sandy started in, I was listening in the hallway, I can’t describe how awesome it felt

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I went in to shower and get ready to put my plan into action, Click here. Oh I should say that the more he talked the more he drank ( he had driven over and had a case of beer in the cooler in the trunk) By the time he finished venting about had bad he had it he was slurring his words to a point I had to listen real close to understand him

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